:: Kankrebihar Bikash Bank Limited (KBBL)


For us success is measured not only in rupees and paisa, but in the number of 'Smiles' we are able to earn every day. We believe that it is from these smiles that we will, together, build a relationship from which all parties will derive not only economic success, but also but a true bond, a partnership, a long term relationship. At Kankrebihar Bikash Bank we feel that our true strength will be measured not only by analyzing our strong and sustainable banking base, but also by our much larger and treasured relationship base. At this juncture I request for but an opportunity to let you experience 'Kankrebihar Bikash Banking', to give us an occasion to meet your personal, familial or institutional banking needs. We look forward to the opportunity to start you on your Kankrebihar Bikash Banking experience and to commence meeting all your financial requirements in through the delivery of the highest standard professional financial services in our unique Kankrebihar manner. Namaste!

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On behalf of the entire Kankrebihar Development Bank Team I take pride and pleasure in welcoming you to Kankrebihar Bikash Banking experience. An experience that brings together the highest standard of professional banking, with our own unique personalized touch, as we endeavor to deliver the highest quality to you. Each and every member of the Kankrebihar Team is committed to making your every experience at Kankrebihar Bikash Bank a truly memorable one. Today the Bank comprising of some of the best bankers in the nation. For us our impressive capital base is just the foundation, a solid foundation on which we will build one of the nation's premier financial institutions by constantly creating mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders; Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Communities and Staff. For we realize that our success is directly correlated with how successful we are at fostering these stakeholder relationships, so that in every step of our journey together both parties gain, benefit and succeed, together.


Karna Bahadu Sijali
Chief Executive Officer
Kankrebihar Bikash Bank Limited

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